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We are a family Doodle breeder located in Eagle, ID, specializing in Teddy Bear Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, and Cavapoos.

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In search of the perfect dog?

Our puppies are all born and loved in our home. Our Dams and Sires are all pets and part of families. We select and bred for temperament and intelligence. We train our puppies with puppy culture and strive to raise intelligent loving dogs who want to please and love their families.  We also genetically test our parents to give us every insurance of a happy healthy puppy.

Currently Interviewing for Guardian Homes!

A Guardian Home is a permanent home for one of our breeding males or females. Becoming a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have one of our top notch, “Pick of the Litter” puppies as a family pet.

What Makes Doodles So Special?


Doodles are considered more allergy-friendly than the average dog with little to no shedding coats.


All of our parents are genetically tested. Doodles are also proven to naturally have a hybrid vigor.


Poodles are known to be one of the smartest and easiest to train dog breeds. Many of our Doodles go on to become services dogs.


This goes without saying, Doodles are darling with their teddy-bear look with shaggy hair and cute floppy ears.


We train our puppies using puppy culture and focus on giving all our puppies a lot of one-on-one bonding time to ensure our puppies are socialized and good with people. They also begin our Therapy dog training program.

As brand new dog owners, we are so lucky to have found Family Treasure Doodles. They are so helpful, trustworthy and nice. Our goldendoodle Totoro is the sweetest dog. The vet is always amazed at how calm he is. He was a star student at his dog training class. We are so grateful for Family Treasure Doodles and all the joy our dog brings.
Adriane D.
Google Review
We adopted a golden doodle from Family Treasure Doodles in February of 2021, he is the best dog: calm, easy going, and affectionate. He loves to play with our four kids and loves to go on long jokes with us. He also has a very calming affect on our other, very anxious, dog.
Cassandra H.
Google Review

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